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Rusty Penny – an intrepid, progressive collective of artists, driven to produce quality scripted-comedy in collaboration with a formidable community of comedy creatives. We work closely with writers, directors, comedians, and talent in order to produce engaging content in short formats.

As a passionate team of innovators with storytelling at our core, Rusty Penny aim to represent a veritable smorgasbord of diverse communities; weaving unique stories to delight viewers and spark conversation. Everything we do is infused with our distinctive flavour – humble values enriched with the disruptive comedic soul of our brand.


With backgrounds in scripted television producing, writing, and acting; founders Aaron James Robertson and Daniel Blacker set out to create a fresh wave of diverse and thought provoking content to foster relations between cross sectional communities and build empathy through humour. With a rapidly blossoming portfolio and a keen eye for up-and-coming talent, they strive to bring interesting subjects to the table and provide a platform for a broad tableau of topics – inclusive of race, gender, sexuality, and social class.

Comedy exists within every community and social structure – Rusty Penny aims to seek it out with sensitivity and present it to mass audiences with heart.

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